Monday, January 10, 2011

Where Has All The Good Junk Gone????

OK, is anyone else having a hard time finding good junk at an affordable price????
The GW has been really sucky....
Photos of estate sales leave me wondering...OK is it worth the drive???
Nothing is catching my eye lately...
Yesterday Mike and I spent the day in Kalama junkin....
First only treasure was a 1/2 gallon blue canning jar.....
Second shop.....Nothing and wayyyy too expensive.
Third shop....Tall ironstone pitcher....It was 20% off..
Fourth shop.....Nothing and lots of bad junk..
Fifth shop....short ironstone pitcher and everything else...way too expensive.
These shops do not even compare to Monticello.....I am so spoiled.
It is really the best Antique Marketplace around.
So lets all say a chant to the ya ya sisterhood of good junk that we will be blessed in the upcoming weeks with bounds of treasures that are easy to find :)
Have a wonderful week


paprika rose said... is getting more difficult to find good stuff for resale. Ever think about shopping on the ETSY site? There are some wonderful items and CLEAN!!!

Check it out

Wonderful dealers too :)


OMG...I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! Although I will have to say I haven't been anywhere...been home trying to clean and organize and get a blankety blank website started!!! But it is getting harder to find and the ppl that are finding it want a fortune for it!!! Hope things take a turn for you! What show is first on your list for 2011????

Faded Charm said...

I hear ya Julie. Where has all the good junk gone? I don't even go into GW anymore because they sell all their old stuff at an online auction now.

Hope you did great at the christmas show.

See ya soon I hope.


My Shabby Roses said...

It's coming Julie! We're bound to hit the motherload in the next few months!
I'll be looking forward to reading about all your wonderul finds when it happens.
Debbie (o:

Andy's Attic said...

Me, too. I went to a GW the other day and got NOTHING. It has to break soon.

Uncovered Ruby said...

I hear ya..even g sales..people want a fortune for their things. This turns into more of a labor of love for the craft at times! Good luck hunting! Lisa ;-)

A Cottage Industry said...

Amen to that sista! It's been lean pickins and prices are high!

Miss Gracie's House said...

hmmm....there too?

Station 521 said...

Has anyone tried Glory Days in Springfield? They are a large mall and prices are reasonable. Next time your down that way try it!