Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Friday Well Spent!

My beautiful daughter Shelby asked me to be a chaperon on their marine biology field trip to the Oregon Coast.
Since this is her last year and I haven't volunteered much during her school career
I immediately said yes!!!
The weather was rainy and windy of course,
but I managed to get a great shot of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.
Isn't it magnificent.
Back in the day a lighthouse keeper would make anywhere from
$600.00 to $1000.00 per year and free housing.

These touch tanks were lots of fun...and boy was the water cold!!!!

Shelby, David and Karley. Part of my little group of seniors :)

I love how the color just pops on these jelly fish.

Long day on the bounciest buss ever. We were a little wet and pretty tired.

Shelby I enjoyed my day with you....
Love Mom


Christa from Chloe Rose said...

What sweet pictures and some great moments for you and Shelby. I didn't know they had a touch tank down at the beach. We'll have to take a trip down the coast and do that. It sounds like fun.


Florence said...

Oh for all those memories, hold on to them. Hugs Florence

The Flying Bee said...

So fun! I love the picture of you and Shelby.


Andy's Attic said...

I'm glad you got to go with her and the gang. Cute kids/young adults! Looks like you had fun and made memories.