Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Reason for the Season!

First I want to share my pet peeve.
The word "Xmas"
What is this? Why are people leaving the Christ out of Christmas???
I wont go to any store or tree farm that has a sign posted with "Xmas".
I realize it is a shorter version than the real word, but I don't like it!!!
Christ is the whole reason we are celebrating the season. Lets not forget that.
On a more positive note....
The lights are up and beautiful, the tree is decorated in my finest antique ornaments, the stockings are hung, the presents are bought.....OMGoodness the presents are not all bought!!!!
Today is my last workday this week, then its time to finish up some shopping, do a little bit of baking, lots of wrapping and just relaxing.
Taking it all in, the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas.
My favorite time of year.
I want to thank all the faithful customers at Monticello, friends and family for making this Christmas just as wonderful this year as last.

Merry Christmas to you all!
Enjoy the real reason for the season.


Monticello Staff said...

You go Sista red head! Have a very Merry Christmas!
Hugs, ~Joyce

MaygreenFairies said...

Ohhh your blog is scrumptious! So glad I found you. Have a super Christmas! Mandy x

Anonymous said...

I second what you said! :) I'm celebrating Christmas , Christ's Birthday - not an X
Blessings to you and your sweet family

Andy's Attic said...

Love your home decor. Have a very Merry CHRISTmas, my friend,

Miss Gracie's House said...

GOOD for you! I enjoyed getting a peek into your home...MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, Julie!