Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New But Old Treasures

Mike and I have been working on prettying up the house.
I found a lovely corner TV cabinet ($25.00) early in the year that I have been saving for when we get a flat screen (yes, we are way behind the times on this one, why replace something that was working perfectly, right???)
Painted the ivory a nice white, added some nice glass nobs and wallah.
Chris and Sarah bought us a new flat screen TV and Blu-ray DVD player for Christmas.
Out with the old, in with the new.
After placing the new cabinet in along with the TV,
I decided we needed a pretty chandelier above.
I found this treasure ($121.00) at Monticello.
Mike changed it from hard wire to plug in and hung it up for me.
I love how it turned out!!!
(Remember, I am not a photographer :)

This chair ($7.00 plus paint) I had at Monticello for a while, but didn't sell.
It was taking up space on the patio.
I thought about recovering it, but chose to paint it white instead.
It had an ugly peach colored fabric and now is very light pink on the cushion area and white on the frame with some distressing.
As I wear it in, I have noticed some cracking to the paint. I actually like how it looks.
The living room will be complete after the Christmas tree comes down and things are back to normal....(are things ever normal???)
Now I am keeping my eye out for a new couch.....
The New Year is on its way.
Mike and I will be heading to the beach property to
dig clams, ring in the New Year and do a little junkin of course.
We are supposed to have dry weather....YEAH
Hope you all have a wonderful New Year and here's to 2011.
May it bring peace, prosperity, and jobs to Americans.
P.S. Don't forget Monticello has extended the Old Fashioned Christmas Show until Jan. 3rd.
There is still time to spend that Christmas money and most of the dealers, including myself, have marked their booths down at least 10%!!!


Laurie said...

Good job Julie! I love the chandelier! Happy decorating...

Andy's Attic said...

Love what you did!! Hope you have a wonderfu new year's eve and let's all hope for more jobs in 2011.
Happy New Year my friend,

My Shabby Passion said...

Love your new/old living room Julie. Everyone just loved the soap that you made for me as gifts. Thanks for being a good friend!