Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dream Home

Some peoples idea of a dream home is a little different than mine.
During our visit to the beach last week I asked Mike if we could drive to Nemah to check and see if the house we found two years ago was still for sale.
This house was my dream, even called the Realtor for all the details.
To my surprise it came with 100 acres of farmland and the price was just too much for us to afford.
My heart did flips when I saw it was still for sale.
However, in much more disrepair.
So here is my dream home in all her glory.....

Once she had beautiful sea foam green trim and an ivory base....she's a little chippy now.

A three story home with a wrap around porch!!!

Here is a pic of the back door.

The front door. What detail in the craftsmanship!!

The window in the kitchen is broke out so I peaked inside and snapped a picture.
Sorry for the poor quality. There were even still pictures on the wall.

My bed awaits. Can you believe this antique bed is still in the home.
Mike thinks someone is living in there illegally.

She is definitely a fixer upper. But in my eyes and heart she is beautiful...
Blessings Julie


melanie said...

she looks like a home out of a movie set...or a dream...I am with you - looks fabulous-
hope you get to buy the lottery?

Anonymous said...

I love it - we are kindred spirits!

Andy's Attic said...

Oh, Julie, I love it too. Just think of all the possibilities!!

Surprised by Joy said...

What a beauty! I can already imagine some of the "after" pictures you probably have in mind...don't give up, you never know! Take care Julie ~Kay

CLAYSON FARM said... wouldn't beleive how much this looks like ours used is a ton of work but oh so worth it!!! Some day just as your prince came so will your castle! Hope all is well with you busy I'm sure with the Camas show this weekend...hope to see you in soon!

Florence said...

Wow I love it too. wish I could have it too!! Hugs Florence

A Thing for Roses said...

Love it and you, sista!



see you in Camas!