Friday, August 27, 2010

Calling All Shoppers & A New Member of My Family

Calling all Shoppers and Junkers...
Have you heard???
Worthy Goods is hosting an incredible show, right here in beautiful downtown Camas, WA.
And did you hear who was going to have a booth there????
(Yes me) but who I really mean is The Barn House Boys....WAWHOOOOO
Joe is bringing some of his best JUNK!!!
You don't want to miss it
Saturday August 28 9-4.
See ya at the show!!!

Wanted to show you the new member of my family....Ms. Pie Safe....Yep-shes a beauty....
It was love at first sight....
Have a blessed day


The Green Pea said...

I can see why you love that pie safe. It is a beauty. sandi

Uncovered Ruby said...

Very cool pie safe! I'd be keeping that one too! Lisa ;-)

chicroses said...

Oh wished I could be there since I live so that pie the way if you like junk! Maybe you have been to the Rusty Pelican in Richland wash. She is moving and opening in an Old gas station in Benton City Wn. In the center of wine country. Sept. 10 Benton City days. Flea Market will be open Oct. 9th and I will be there. Sneak peek on my blog of her store. Sincerely Sally(chicroses)

Andy's Attic said...

Hi Julie,
Great pie safe! It was sooogood to see you today in Camas. I love my cute little bottle I got from you. Hope you sold out!!!!