Thursday, April 1, 2010


Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.
They sometimes can be a person or an event...They take on many forms.
Yesterday I was feeling very down.
This world has a way of making us feel unsure of ourselves and our skills...
Then to make things worse-sometimes I analyze "why" which can drive me crazy.
Talking to family and friends didn't seem to help....
But just when I least expected it my blessing stopped by my booth in the afternoon.
My blessing was a stranger, however we had lots in common.
She was from my same town, enjoyed the same things...
Made me feel better about myself and skills.
Somehow the man above knows just what we need.
Here's to all the Blessings in our lives.
I am truly Blessed.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning , Julie ,
Isn't it remarkable how God always sees our need and steps in? I am always amazed at His love for little old us, that He would see me in this big old world and Bless me :0)
Easter blessings to you and your family

A Thing for Roses said...

Dear Julie,

I'm so glad your day had a happy ending. I know what you mean about doubting yourself, but if it makes you feel any better, I think you are one talented gal. I am always amazed at what you come up with. All that and you are a total sweetheart too. I still remember when we first met at Monticello. You were then and still are, lovely, inside and out.



Marydon Ford said...

Julie, we are always looked out for & given what we need when needed most.
Happy Easter!
TTFN ~ Marydon

melanie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog...I'll see ya next week at Monticello- sure we'll run across each other at set up...I am sooooooo not ready, I could be pricing and tagging all day...every day...til it opens! :)

Florence said...

Julie don't doubt yourself, you are good at what you do and are a very special person. I do hope we can have coffee some day soon. Keep up your good work. Hugs Florence

The Flying Bee said...

Hey sweet friend!

I miss you so much! I know what you mean about doubting our skills...I have been feeling like that a lot lately, but you are right, God will put someone in my path that will be such a blessing to me and make me feel better. He's just amazing that way!

I wish I lived closer so we could go to all the great shows going on and have fun just hanging out, laughing, and shopping! I might, and that's a BIG might, try and work it out to make it to Farm Chicks!!! I would love to see you again! I will let you know if it works out for me. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!


Miss Gracie's House said...

This sounds oh so familiar...we are so hard on ourselves...I really did *love* what I saw at the expo and were one of my favorites:)...yes, God is good...

LillySue said...

So glad you had some sunshine pop in on you that day...just like your visit to my blog was for me!