Monday, November 16, 2009

A Whirlwind Week

Not a lot of time to blog this week.
First is work (darn work gets in the way of all my fun)
Then after work I will be hitting Monticello Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs to set up my new booth. Chandra will be meeting me on Wed. to bring me Bertha and help me set up.
If you don't know who or what Bertha is,
be sure to come by my booth on Friday to check her out.
Thursday night is my date with Edward.....Yes girls, he's mine~no wait it's Jacob....
I'll take both!!!
Friday evening I will be setting up my soaps, lotions & candles at the Washougal Holiday Bazaar in the Commons at Washougal High School held on Saturday, November 21st 9-3. If your in the area be sure to come by for some great gift ideas.

Here is a picture of my dream bed......Some day when I don't have dogs

Blessings Julie


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, Dang - I won't be in till Saturday. I hope there's something left! See you soon. xoxo , Sue

Gail said...

I'm right there with ya about that bed! To die for...please tell me it's not that crazy Bella Notte(sp?) high priced fancy schmancy bedding...looks like it could be...maybe you could make it? I once made a comforter cover out of two Ralph Lauren sheets that worked out quite well....hmmmm, I think the key here is layering.

The Flying Bee said...

Girl, that bed is gorgeous! I love it! I can not wait to see your new booth at Monticello! Yay! I will be there before you know it!!!

Love ya, girl!

Florence said...

I love that day bed, some day I want to have a bedroom that does not look so full, I guess that means I have to get rid of something huh? Have a great sale. Florence

Sandy said...

I love to surf around the net and find new and interesting blogs. Today I found yours. Best of luck with your booth! Since I can't stop by and meet Bertha I hope you share her here on your blog some day.

Terri said...

Missed you Sat. Had a good time. I didn't get anything, was out bid on all the things I was interested in, but there were some good deals on other things and I am kicking myself over more. I just wasn't thinking clearly. Must have been because I was FREEZING! At least it didn't rain. I am going to try to get myself, sister and mother down to Monticello next week. Can't wait to see your area.

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie,
thank you for your comment. You have en very intersting blog!!!
Hugs Barbara

Celticlass said...

I am ready to curl up. Is it soup yet? No wait soap yet, aw have a Great Thanksgiving Julie,

Chandra Ferguson said...

Hey Julie!
Called Joyce and gave her my info....I will find out how well I did at the show early next week when they total everything and send out checks...Lots of littles, no one sold any furniture......Have a great Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you sooner! Chandra

LillySue said...

Just stopped in to see what you have been up to.
Happy Thanksgiving!