Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Projects in the Works

Here is a wonderful farm table I picked up last week.

It had some green ink on the top, nothing a little sanding didn't cure.

Now I will put on a final coat of wax to the top of this beauty.

It will be presented at the long anticipated 2011 Vintage Country Marketplace presented by the Barn House Boys!!!

Here is another treasure that will either make its way to Barn House or Monticello.

A lovely french table!

Finished in my special recipe.

This cute french end table will also get my special finish.

Stay tuned for some other treasures I have in store.

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful sunshine we have had!!!



1 comment:

Beeutiful by Design said...

Love, love, love! Esp. the french end table. Bet those sell in a flash! Jennifer