Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Roofing and Projects Complete!

Sunday I enjoyed the sunshine and completed some projects I have been working on.

Here is a french dresser that went from drab to FAB!!!

With a little elbow grease.

Love this little french side table.

It had a damaged leather top and was in poor repair. But now....

Wow do I really have to sell that???

This frame was a beautiful bronze gold color, but had some dark spots all over it.

A little white paint and tea stain turned it into a true treasure.

These treasures will be featured in the Camas Antique Mall

window display for the month of June.

Saturday we headed out to Forest Grove to start on Sarah and Chris's roof.

We tackled the worst first!!!

Tear off of the old roofing and rotted sheeting.

On with the new!!!

A little ice and water, some 30lb felt. These skylights wont leak ever again!
Just this back section took the entire day...Wow Mike, Sarah and Chris were pooped!!
I had the easy job of fetching things, taking pics, drink shagger.
PS I don't do anything high!!

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine this past weekend.
I know I did

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