Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Texas Pics

Here are some more pictures of Texas. Enjoy!!

This is Emily. She is the owner of the cutest little shop in Carmine, Texas.

She was the sweetest lady.
I will be sure to return to her place next March. She has a fabulous little apartment for

nightly rental that comes with cottage blue & white decor and a claw foot tub!!

Laurie, Lisa & Jen. Getting ready for prom!

Cowboy up!!! Whew......

Me with Linda from Willow Nest and Melissa from Gunslinger.

Hundreds of tents filled with all kind of antiques.

This was the place for high end primitives!!!

Me, Lisa, Laurie & Jen.

Just a Carmine.

It was wonderful to meet Garden Antiques Vintage!!

Her booth was amazing.

Royers for a refreshment!!

This was one of my favorite booths!!

Lisa & Jen

Rows and rows of Junk!!

Until next time Texas!

Happy Easter my friends!!!



kloperman9 said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! All the rain and cold this spring has me longing for someplace warmer....I bet it was a nice break from our weather.


Andy's Attic said...

Wow, I would be overwhelmed with all the junk! (but I like to be overwhelmed that way)

Uncovered Ruby said...

HOW FUN!!! Yes, I'm yelling that, because I would be in hog heaven! What a great trip, thanks for making me drool over your pics ;-) Lisa

Vintage Station said...

So...if you drove would it be worthwhile? I've always wondered about going but don't think I could bear not bringing a truckload back!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hello, I totally missed this post. Thanks for stopping by my booth at Zapp Hall. I do hope you return in the Fall. Happy Junkin, Theresa