Monday, April 11, 2011

Joyce, This Is For You

Can you sense my anticipation of Marburger Farm.....

Where the best dealers gather to awe us with their incredible decoration and finds, were creativity is endless!

First stop of course....

Layers upon layers of exquisite linens and silks.....
There I am nestled between Robin and John. I got so choked up....and teary eyed!!

She is so sweet and you can sense how caring she is, as well as talented.

You are the most important customer there. Greeted by women of all sizes and ages,

who make you feel beautiful!!!

What you cannot see in the photo-inside this skirt is a bird cage of beautiful pigeons....

More to come

Hugs my friends



Uncovered Ruby said...

Way cool..such beauty in all those textiles! Love the new look of your blog too! Lisa ;-)

Andy's Attic said...

Good grief!! Leave us wanting more why don't ya?? Can't wait to see everything, my friend.

Florence said...

Wow you are so blessed and lucky. I love all Magnolia Pearls clothing. They inspire such playfulness. Hugs to you. Florence

Monticello Staff said...

Aaaaahhh, Julie!
Thank you so much for the dedication. I LOVE IT! She's my hero. The only thing that could have made it better is me being there too. Thanks sweetie.

Hugs, Joyce