Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy Saturday and a visit with the "BOYS"

OK, so this is one of those blog posts that were I dont have any of my own pics.
Why you might why??? Well my phone camera did not like the lighting in the little schoolhouse where the "Boys" were holding a special show with a very special guest, Natalie of Sparrow.

On Saturday found a wonderful hutch on craigslist.
The man told me to come pick it up at 12:30 tomorrow.

Checked the post that morning and the price went up $25.00, emailed before I left for downtown Portland confirming the price. An half hour later I get a email that it sold...

Wow, thanks A LOT!!!!

Well that pretty much depressed me.

So we dropped the kids off at the skate park, picked up dog bones and the best pepperoni in the world from Butcher Boys in Vancouver, got gas, the kids were cold, come get me, picked up the kids and decided to go visit the boys. We were dying for some of that salsa!!!

Well as my luck was going J & J were fresh out of fresh salsa!!!!


I did score the most wonderful black/grey french table, you know that one by the entrance....Yup that's mine now :)

Saturday night was spent with Chris & Sarah. Had some yummy dinner at Red Robin and then went to see their new house in Forrest Grove.

I am sooo envious. They purchased a 1910 farm house!

I would have taken pictures but it was dark.

Needs work but look who she has for parents!!!

I will post pics soon.

Well I have rambled too much already.

Stay warm and dry.

I am not looking forward to the 7 days of rain that are in the forecast :(

I am ready for SUNSHINE!!!

Hugs Julie


Florence said...

That salsa looks so good, when I got there it was gone. I didn't get there until after 2:oo so I missed out on a lot. Hugs to you! Florence

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

I'd love to see pictures of the house that Sarah bought. ...that sounds wonderful! I'm sorry about the hutch on's a bummer when people don't honor their word. Jay and I went out to the BH sale too. We didn't get there until 2 or so. I was hoping to get some of those farm fresh eggs, but they were long gone.

Christa :)