Thursday, August 5, 2010

Barn House Was A Blast!!!

Barn House was such a blast there was barely any time for picture taking.
So here are a few shots of my booth.

For some reason my fireplace didn't sell. It did get lots of attention though. So off to Clayson Farms it will go!!!

My friend Leah bought this wonderful Military Cot to place at the bottom of her bed.
I think if will look FAB!
This rocker with french grain sack, railroad sign and oyster sign will also go to Yakima with me.

Be sure to check out other pics from blogs on my sidebar for more great photos of the show.
I have been getting ready for the Clayson Farms show in Yakima next weekend.
Check out my upcoming shows tab for details.
I will be posting details and information on Monday.
Have an excellent weekend!


Andy's Attic said...

Glad you had a good BH show. Sounds like it was super...Love the cane back chair in the first picture. Good luck next weekend,

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet girl! I am looking forward to seeing you at Yakima... maybe we'll have a chance to say more than Hi to each other:)
We were busy but I Love the crazy Barn House frenzy.
I'm happy you had good sales

Laurie said...

Barn House was a blast. I'm so happy you had a successful show! Love you bunches!!! Laurie

Faded Charm said...

So glad to hear you had a great shoe. Your stuff looks amazing as always. That mantel is gorgeous. How much are you asking for it? I've been looking for one for in my bedroom.

Are you doing the Camas Vintage Street Faire in a couple weekends? Maybe I'll see you then.

Take care,