Friday, July 23, 2010

When You Least Expect It!!!

Just when you least expect it, you stumble on some of the best junk around....Free to boot!
Yesterday evening Mike took me up the River Road in Washougal to pick up a chippy bookcase I saw on Craigslist for free....
After going the wrong is on the other side of the river
(glad that was Mikes mistake :)
We pulled into the long driveway.
The lady of the house had a huge fire in her burn pile..
To my dismay (yes, I screamed out loud) she was burning a vintage settee frame....
However, on the other side of the burn pile was a pile of free junk...
Here is a pic of the goods I hauled home.
Sorry for the poor photo
To the left is the chippy farmhouse bookcase that I picked up...Very primitive I like it!!!
I also brought home an old wicker rocker, very unusual, needs a tad bit of work on the cushion..
Metal and wooden farm chair...Already creamy white.
Old lattice, vintage light fixtures, galvanized feed trough that looks like an old toboggan, decorative cinder blocks, and a copper bucket.
This was the nicest lady, we hit it off right away...Kindred Spirits of Junk!!!
I have been busy painting, painting and painting for the Barn House Flea.
Next Saturday already....aaaahhhh
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Molly Mo's said...

Oh free is a very good price - and some of the best junk! You're lucky, sometimes the junk-gods shine on us....

See ya next Friday sweetie!

The Green Pea said...

Oh! you can't beet free. sandi

Uncovered Ruby said...

Don't ya just love free?? Looks like you scored some good junk!
Lisa :-)