Thursday, July 1, 2010

Picker for the Day & God Bless America

First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!!!
God Bless America-where we are free to choose how to live as we please.....

Secondly, I would like to share my very own picker experience.
Mike is doing some handyman work for a lady down the street.
She is also wanting to hold a garage sale soon and needs help getting things in order.
One day he came home and said "you really need to come look in her garage" so I did.
Let me just say Holy Cow!!!!! Looks like a mess right????
Oh but under all this mess is some incredible treasures.
We dug this out of the back. Took two hours to empty out all the nuts and bolts. We did find some antique cupboard hardware, old frogs, old casters, and antique bottles.

This was hanging from the rafters.....

Old typewriter.....

Railroad lanterns, two to boot!!!

This bed spring is also hanging from the rafters, along with an old bed, tongue and groove,
old metal mailbox etc.
Some of the other items not pictured are an old farm door, metal table with little casters, galvanized boxes and an old galvanized gate.
Stay tuned for the rest of the treasures we uncover.

Some of these items will be for sale at
The Barn House Flea...coming soon


Surprised by Joy said...

Oh Julie, I'm just drooling at all your "treasures"! Good for you! ~Kay

My Shabby Roses said...

Talk about "Score" you scored big time! It's always fun to find treasures like that.

Andy's Attic said...

How fun is that?? Good things happen to good people!!

Florence said...

Holy cow you hit the mother lode. Happy Fourth to you and your family. Hugs Florence

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

You lucky girl!!! What a wonderful surprise to come across.....Mike has been trained well....

Can't wait to see you at Barn House. I'm making plans to come out for awhile.