Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interesting Weekend

We had an interesting weekend at the beach.

State Patrol everywhere on a serious manhunt.

We were stopped several times coming out of Ilwaco, machine guns drawn, searching for this man.

It was a little scary and we were on alert.

I did manage a little junkin this trip. We headed over to Camp Rilea where they were having a flea market.

It was small and I only found one treasure.

A Polaroid camera from the 1920's.

Then on Sunday we stopped at my favorite junk shop in Ocean Park.

Love the old brush I found~and this scale...You might remember my previous post on the "Good Scale", well broke down and bought this very old "Bad Scale" It will look perfect hiding in the bathroom on the floor. And I don't even have to use it....Cause it's an antique and not even accurate...Makes me a size 6...My dream size...

Here is Benelli on the hunt for any kind of bird she can find....
She's not picky...
Mike, my man...Still hot even after 18 years...

Definitely a keeper!!!

Hope you all enjoy the sunshine coming our way.

Until next time




Florence said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend, despite the man hunt. Florence


I want that scale....always dreamed of being a six 6!!!

Sounds like you had fun as always!

Take care & hope to see you soon!

Carolina Girl said...

Wow, that man hunt sounds a little scary. who were they lookng for Dillenger?

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

Wow, that must have been a serious man hunt to get stopped in Illwaco with machine guns drawn....dang. I love the scale....

Christa :o)

rosenresli said...

Dear Julie,

you are so kind! It is so sweet from you that you want to look for an old scale for me. In germany the really pretty ones are rare and expensive. I love white but would love a pale blue too. I like pastel and bright colours so much and nostalgic kitchenalia is one of my passions. I need a bigger kitchen! Or a bigger house! My husband makes jokes and said he must buy the neighbours house for all my collected things and he has married a madness collector. But I can´t help myself I love nostalgic and should born 100 years earlier.

I follow your blog since months but my english is not good so I was to shy to leave a comment.

One of my dreams is to visit USA and go to some fleamarkets.

Have a nice week!!! and lots of my best greetings,


The Flying Bee said...

Love that scale!

Have a great weekend girlie!