Sunday, January 3, 2010

New X 2

New Years Eve started with a little booth makeover.
You may remember "Bertha" from a previous post, (my large primitive cupboard at Monticello).
Well Bertha will be going to a new home so it was high time for a booth redo.
Shelby and I spent a few hours at Monticello doing what I love to do....Playing with my "JUNK"

Here are some pics of what we ended up with. We were very pleased!!!

Somehow the pictures just don't do it justice. You will have to go see for yourself, hint hint!!!
Then that evening Mike and I left for Long Beach for some New Years Fun.
Here is a pic of the sunset that welcomed 2010. Very beautiful.
Here is our home away from home.
Where one day that log cabin from my Santa Wish List will sit :)

We have just over an acre, plenty of room for
Summer Camp Out Beach Party!!!!

Hope you all had a safe New Years!!!
May all your resolutions be successful.


My Shabby Roses said...

Everything looks great Julie! It always feels good to re-arrange the booth.

Florence said...

Happy New Year to you, I will have to get over to Monticello to see what is new. You are so lucky to have a place at the beach. Maybe some day we will too. Hugs Florence

Sammy Girl said...

Hey, Julie!
What a lovely way to great the New Year ... and I think Santa planned for that log cabin, but with zoning permits and everything he's a little behind schedule, lol!
Can hardly wait to see your "refurbed" space and a chance to get together for a soda, too.
Hugs and have a SUPER week!
Betty :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! Your booth looks great - congrats on the sale of Bertha. Hooray!
You didn't miss a thing at the auction. It wasn't a real auction just a lot of the auctioneers own items. It seemed a little expensive.
I bought 2 chairs and a suitcase - then went to Starbucks
See you soon!

chicroses said...

Just discovered your you space at to visit there...soon. I live in Richland wash. and have a space at the Rusty Pelican in Richland...I will be back...Sally

The Flying Bee said...

Hey Julie!

The booth looks great. What a great place to's beautiful!