Monday, November 30, 2009


Sunday marked the first day of Advent.
Each Sunday until Christmas Day a new candle will be lit.
This coming Saturday, December 5th is the PSU SCANFAIR
If you have never attended this event you wont want to miss it.
Brings out my inner Swedish Heritage.

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Sammy Girl said...

Ok, Juile! Girlfriend -- I think we have finally hit the dividing line 'tween us! I have never developed the great love of lutefisk that family members had. Barely could be around when it was cooking. Cheered the day of the "new type of processing" that was less "pungent" (see, I didn't SAY foul smelling, even though I meant it!!) ...
HOWEVER ... I still love lefse, fatigmans, and our granddaughter took rosettes to school for her first grade "heritage feast day". Guess my sweet tooth has been passed down!
Hugs and have a super week!
Betty :)
Think I might be at Monticello on Friday .. ?? Will you be there?
ps the secret word to publish this post is sugarred .... hmmm ... coincidence? I think not!