Thursday, October 1, 2009

Change in Plans

Just wanted to notify you all that we have had a change in plans.
Kindred Roses wont be able to attend the JBUGS Show in Redmond on Saturday due to Mike's dad having heart surgery earlier this week.
Please still go and enjoy all the wonderful treasures Peggy and Lisa have to offer.
You wont be disappointed!
Blessings Julie


Florence said...

I wish your father in law well and speedy recovery, my prayers are with you all.

Andy's Attic said...

I hope he has a full recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Julie ...
Huggin' on you girlfriend ... there will be LOTS more sales, just take care of family ...
Betty :)

The Flying Bee said...


I pray the surgery goes well.

I love the picture. I just picked up a boxspring in Warrenton for that exact reason, to clip all my vintage photos and ephemera on to it.

Enjoy your weekend!