Thursday, September 24, 2009

These Boots Were Made For Junkin

So today I made a major purchase.
I have never owned a good quality pair of leather boots before. Previous to my foot surgery last January, my footwear choices were very limited....
I have been dreaming of these Frye leather boots for the last week.
Seen on Garnet
Well today my co-worker and I headed to Nordy's for our lunch break (very bad, I work just down the road from Lloyd Center) We were having one of those "My Brain Tumor hurts" kind of days. So the shoe department was in order.....
Then right before my eyes..My beloved boots. It was love at first sight.
So being like any normal mature woman I had to try them on. And guess what?
They were the perfect fit.
Needless to say, Nordy's bag in hand we headed back to work. It is casual day tomorrow and you know it My Junkin Boots will be right where they belong...On me!!!!!

Today is Spoil Me Day. I deserve it!!!
I love you boots :)
Hope you take a spoil you day soon!!!
Hugs, Julie


Sammy Girl said...

WOO HOO! A spoil me day ... what a GREAT idea. And shoes (okay, I mean BOOTS!) .... a super way to spoil yourself!
Congrats on the mental health prescription being filled! Now let's get those junkin' boots to work as they are meant to .... kinda like gettin' the 4 wheeler off the freeway, if you know what I mean .....
Betty :)

Raggedy Angel said...


Worthy Goods - Debbie said...

Yea!!!! New boots!!! Julie they are so cute! They will just get better with time and frye is such a quality boot. I cant wait to see them in you.