Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Perfect Day, A Perfect Sale

What an incredible day at Molly Mo's in sunny Sublimity.
Auntie Joy and her sister Toni were my cozy neighbors.
We had plenty of sunshine and tons of customers...Wow
Joy, hard at work!

Toni must have been looking for some shade...

Below are some pictures of my booth.

I love this cubby shelf. I picked this little beauty up from my neighbor at Clayson Farm.
It migrated from Montana.

This WWII Hospital Bed will no longer be accompanying me to any more shows.
She found a new home. I will miss her :(
Here is a big "Thank You" to Diane and her family for opening up their home and hosting a wonderful show. Her yard and house were beautiful!!!
Now I have lots of shopping to do for the
Monticello Fall Premier Show
September 4-27
Guess who my neighbor will be???
You guessed it
Joy :)
Have a wonderful week


Jen said...

I was photographing the event...had a blast at your booth! I loved taking tons of photos of your product! Take a look at the sneak peek on my blog:

Come back and look at more photos Tuesday... ;)

Thanks again!

Molly Mo's said...

Thank you Julie for participating in the show this year, I hope to have you next year also! I love your Mike, he's great. Tell him they'll be more margarita's for him next time....

Best of luck at Monticello, I'm sure you'll do well. See ya soon!


Elise said...

Hello - I had to leave a note for you to say what a wonderful blog you have here. I've loved reading your interesting and creative posts. You have fab pictures too - perfect ! Thank you so much for sharing them all and best wishes... enjoy the rest of the weekend....

Barb said...

Love the cubby hole box.

Things and set up so beautifully.
barbara jean

Celticlass said...

Missed Molly Mo's but from Florence's picture's your booth looked amazing. Hope to see you at Monticello.