Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hold the Phone, Stop the Press

Christa and I have some exciting news!!!!!

Meet the newest vNumbered Listendors of the Whimsical Wishes show coming to Camas, April 25th.
Are you ready?????
Please welcome-
  • Debbie Taylor from "Worthy Goods"
  • JoDee and Kat from "Duchess"
  • And my three new friends from Redmond, OR "Junk Between Us Girls"
  • Peggy from "Cricket on the Hearth"
  • Lisa from "The Back Porch"
  • Carolee from "At Home Antiques"
If you haven't made plans to attend our show, then you must asap.

These wonderful dealers offer amazing treasures that you don't want to miss.

See you at the show!!!


Sammy Girl said...


Don't ya just feel like that Disney commercial "but, I'm too EXCITED to sleep" ... ?

So looking forward to seeing you and the gals from Redmond.

Make that a Yee Ha!

See you soon!
Betty :)

DJ said...

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Auntie Joy said...

I so sad I am going to miss the show, don't you hate when family time (beach trip) gets in the way of a really important something???
Hope you have a super show!